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For The Girls Ezine and Erotica for Women

Some of our recent features:
British Male Strippers - interview
*Puppetry of the Penis - interview and outrageous photos of the dick trick that's too rude for the show
* Huge Dicks - we talk to men about what it's like to be hung
* Planet Sex looks at the dangers of nude ironing
* Grandma Scrotum hands out more hilarious sex advice
Regular Entertainment
* Hilarious Strip Search videos
* Monthly male centerfold
* Featured Couple gallery - the best, sexiest, hottest hardcore we could find
* Exclusive erotic fiction
+ naked men, hardcore sex movies, couples pics, sex news, advice, columns, games and more
* Updated regularly

For The Girls is my new premium site for women. I've worked really hard to create the sort of major women's site that I myself would want to join. There's no bullshit, no gay stuff, no crappy plugins. Just heaps of great porn for women, and lots of interesting reading for when you've put the vibrator away.

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